Waking up and thinking: Wow, today is a very special day, is just awesome. Today is Christmas!! Well, it feels not like this day. Christmas and hot? I couldn’t imagine that the two things can come together. This year everything is different!

Before having a fantastic brunch, we were allowed to swim in the beautiful ocean. Can you imagine swimming in the sea at Christmas?

The evening before, when I helped to make cookies, I felt that the Christmas atmosphere came. We decorated our whole ship and some of us set up our Christmas tree. We even painted the deckhouse! That was a lot of fun!

After we prepared everything also for dinner. Our captain Detlef made us a cocktail that we drank on the poop deck. After some speeches we started the dinner with a wonderful salad made from our fabulous Christmas mess stewards. Between starter and main dinner our self-nativity play took place on the poop deck. It was a very special moment for us. Not just sitting at home in a church watching the nativity play, no we’re on the Thor Heyerdahl next to Fogo with 30° Celsius air temperature. What a moment!

Our main dinner was very delicious. We had pork from the oven with Knoedel and a tasty sauce. After that it was time for our presents that we made for each other. There were for example decorated towels or sewed bags – like I got one. It was very beautiful! Everyone was very happy with his present.

At midnight everybody could eat the dessert that was served by the galley-team. At the next morning we had a holy service with Anna. A few of us cried, because we thought to our friends and families, but after we hugged each other the tears disappeared slowly. A very nice moment!

It was sad that some of us were sick at Christmas – me for example. I couldn’t eat the special Dinner, so I just know how great it was from the things that the other ones told me.

I hope that you could enjoy the hole Christmas celebration and that you will have a good start in the new Year! Even though I was sick, I will always remember that special Christmas. What a great day!