The best medicine

Imagine you are 15 or 16 years old and are living for six months on a big tall ship. Your journey started nearly two months ago and a few days ago you have finished your first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The last two to three weeks have been very beautiful but also very busy. Your first school lessons have begun, the internships have started, you have to be on watch duty and between all of that you have tried to find room for your own private things such as writing letters and diary, reading, making music or just enjoying the time when you can sleep. After these beautiful but also tiring weeks you feel exhausted and tired. So what do you do against this? You need really good medicine! And the best medicine for this condition is called “reef holidays”. But what does it consist of? This wonderful medicine combines snorkelling with chilling on the beach. But how do you have to take this medicine?
The first important step is long and good sleep.
The second important step is a big and yummy breakfast.
The third important step is tidy up your home.
These things are all really important preparations, but not the main part of the medicine. When you have gone through the whole preparation process, you can choose between four things:

  • go snorkelling in a coral reef
  • go snorkelling with turtles
  • chill and hang out on the beach
  • go kayaking

In the coral reef you can swim and snorkel with beautiful fish and see corals. On the beach you are able to relax in your hammock, play volleyball with your friends or go swimming near the beach. If you have enough time of course you can do more than one thing of the list. But really the most important thing is that you treat yourself with at least one of the four options. When you have completed this, don’t forget the follow-up treatment, as without that you cannot become completely healthy again. Have a nice evening meal, and afterwards a nice evening alone or with your friends. You can play games, talk or make music. In this phase, it is essential that you feel good the whole time and enjoy yourself. Maybe it’s also good to know that you don’t need to be sad. For a successful recovery you have to repeat this procedure for three to four days. After a short time you’ll see that you will be feeling better and better, and you’ll get completely healthy again. At last, the most important tip for avoiding a relapse is the following: “Don’t worry, be happy.”