The ghost of Thor Heyerdahl

Date: 20th of December
Position: 28° 02,9’ N, 016° 43,5’ W

I am sailing,
I am sailing,
when the wind blows,
across the sea.

The ship goes through the water like a bird in the sky heading its safe and warm nest, in the treetop of a big old tree. But it is not warm or familiar, the destination of the ship. It’s the sea. That cold, rough giant, that we call our home now. But still, we are all here. We went on this voyage into the unknown. To explore the world and experience the “real life”, with all of its adventures and challenges. In all of us burns the wish to get out of that inhabited, blind society. Was it that wish, that motivated Thor Heyerdahl? Thor Heyerdahl. His name is written in big black letters on the stern of the ship. But who was this man and what does he have to do with this project and our journey? Everywhere on this ship are signs that point to him, if you just look for them. All these pictures in the messroom. Every of them tells its own story. For example, that one picture of the Thor Heyerdahl with all sails on. Thor Heyerdahl sailed over the ocean, we are sailing too. We are sailing on a traditional sailing ship. A ship, that was used by seamen centuries ago. Just as Thor Heyerdahl, who rebuilt old types of ships, that had been built in former times that most of the people nowadays have forgotten about. Thor Heyerdahl was a scientist, who did research and chased the truth, until he found it. Education is also a very important aspect in our project. We don’t just learn normal school stuff, but we learn about things we see on our journey. We ask questions and try to find the answer by ourselves. We are scientists and explorers.

Another picture in the messroom shows our ship on the water. And only the water. There is nothing else around. Thor Heyerdahl lived in peace with the nature, with the sea. I think that is what we learn on this journey. To love being alone on the ocean, with nothing but water around. Not skyscrapers, no cabs, no trains. Just ourselves.

Maybe this was the reason why he casted off, that day on the 28th of April in 1947. Going on an expedition to cross half of the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a woodraft. And all of this effort just to prove a theory, for which he has been laughed at by his colleagues. Many people must have thought of Thor Heyerdahl as a complete maniac. There is this other picture of the Kontiki hanging in the messroom. When I look at it, I don’t see the narrowness of this ridiculous small raft. I see the endless wides of the ocean. I see a crazy but still great idea, I see the desire for freedom, I see a man, who was strong enough to break out of society. Who fulfilled his own dream and proved his own ideas, no matter how crazy and absurd they were. And I think all of this, it’s also a bit like a dream, that has been dreamed by every one of us. A dream lasting half of a year, taking place in this small six mal fifty metres big world of ours. A dream remote from our normal lives. I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and I guess I can understand him a bit. But I think, I’m a little afraid of waking up. I’m afraid of waking up and coming back home, coming back home in a world, that has stayed the same, while I am changing and already have changed so much. But I guess I shouldn’t worry about the future. I’m going to dream my dream, no matter what’s coming next. And even though this dream is going to end sooner or later, there still are so many other dreams out there that are just waiting for someone who dares to dream them. We are all birds heading for the open sea.

I am sailing,
stormy water,
to be near you,
to be free.