Back at sea

The Caribbean time is coming to an end and we are making us ready to sail the longest distance of our Classroom under Sails journey!

0600 a.m.
Everybody has to stand up and we have the last opportunity to swim in the Caribbean Sea, while the sun goes up over the mountains of Dominica, what a great view.

0630 a.m.
Breakfast. It is the last Breakfast which we are eating under the Caribbean sun. After this we finished the last works on the boat. As soon as we finished this, we opened the sails, we set them und after that we said a last time good-bye, we sailed out of the bay from Porthmouth.

Because this is the dangerous part of our journey, we did a POB (person over board) manoeuvre, so that we can handle every dangerous situation. We have to leave our holiday way of life and come back to our life at sea, like our captain said it often. After lunch we did three jibes as a training manoeuvre to get used to the ship again after such a long time. After we reached this we set course to our next destination.

We are back at sea again. The cold North Atlantic Sea wind blows again and the Thor sails with speed.

The next days we get used to the ship life again: watch, breakfast, cleaning, lunch, free time (where I write the blog right now), dinner and then watch again.

We have three days to get used to the ship life again before the school starts again and we will have watch with only three persons, so it will be difficult to get all the things together while having watch.

The first day when school begins we will write a Biology exam, so hopefully everyone will learn for it. Five days later we will write the next exam in History. In the next four weeks we will also have three new lessons: deepen in Biology or Physics or Chemistry and Geography with the main focus on world economics. As well we have time to study our school subject, so we can also learn for subjects, which aren’t taught on board, like Latin, IT or Economics and some more.
So we will be well prepared when we are back at our school at home.

With a new part of our big journey, we also reach a next part on our way to get responsibility on our own and to the ship, which we will prove ourselves in the next ship handover, were we will have to apply to each duty on board again.

That way we will see in which way we improved ourselves e.g. in terms of responsibility.
But I think we improved ourselves in a good way.