The farewell – the beginning of our adventure

Goodbye to all my friends, my family, my home and my old life. Hello to my new, different, special, exciting, wonderful life. After a long, boring but at the same exciting quarantine we were finally ready to get on the bus. The bus ride was lengthy, but also very funny and it was cool to get to know everybody. At the same time it was sad to farewell our families. Until Nürnberg it was fairly quiet in the bus, because we were all tired due to the time we got up. On the way to Würzburg the bus woke up. The mood lifted and excited voices sounded through the whole bus. First friendships were made and new connections were built. Even so there was an aftertaste of the farewell and we all thought of our parents, siblings, friends and everyone we had to leave behind for a while.

“History never really says goodbye. History says see you later.” ~ Eduardo Galeano

And there we are again: The farewell. The beginning of our wonderful adventure, for what we waited days, weeks, months and some of us even years. We walked through every kind of emotion during the time of the application and the preparation. Everything started with huge happiness, followed by a stressful, but exciting preparation and sadness. This low of emotion was outweighed by the giant anticipation.

Everything starts right now, but we can’t realize at the moment. We sort, pack and provide provisions, because we are a part of the crew. We follow the instructions. However, it feels like a class trip with people we just got to know. Some days before we couldn’t imagine to form a group, which works that good, so quickly.

So all in all, we are lucky to be where we are now, but at the same time a little bit sad because of the farewell. When we met each other we were nervous, but now we are happy because of all this new experiences and friendships we made. Let the adventure begin and give us a lots of new memories for our life.