The ocean at its best

More than 50 days are already over. 50 days that changed my life, myself, my thoughts completely. Days I’ll never forget because they turned around my life like about 180°. Right now, I’m thinking about the fact how much time already passed and how much memories I’ve collected. My new reality is happening on a ship. A ship, which is carrying us over the endless expanse of the sea. How surreal it sounds that 33 students are living on a ship, travelling through the world during school, living days which are everyday a little bit different. But there is one thing that never changed. One thing which was seriously there every day: The sea. The sea at its best and roughest (sometimes at the same) time. It’s like something magic that lets everyone calm down until there is complete silence in their head and all around them. Crossing the ocean feels like coming home, feeling secure and living a life you’ll never forget. The Atlantic Ocean is the roughest and at the same time calmest force of nature that I have ever seen and I love this fact about the sea.

I remember a moment where the ocean had shown us the hard side of itself. We were crossing the Northern sea and I think in this period of our journey we learned that we can not control the sea and have to hope for our luck and for warmer days coming. Big waves flooded the deck, spray splashed through the air and cold wind blew in the sails and into our faces. We were all freezing and wished that our guard would have an end, so we could go under deck and drink something warm. Weeks later the cold part had an end and the days were warmer and sunnier and wet cloths didn’t matter anymore but the waves didn’t end because they’ll never end.

At the beginning of our journey I would have said the waves should have an end because of the seasickness and the cold temperatures but now the waves are one of my favourite elements of the sea. The waves were so big that they flooded the main deck and everyone standing there got completely wet including all the clothes. Not really nice at the moment of happening, but some minutes later, one of the funniest moments so far and you could hear so many laughing persons on deck, because the water in their boots wasn’t so clean. But what about the wonderful side of the sea why we are all enjoying sailing over the ocean that much. The side of the sea that gave us memories to hours of silence and days of sailing somewhere in nowhere. Sitting on deck, seeing the sunset and reading a book with a hand of new friends around me is worth all the hard days and cold, wet hours’ and is one of my favourite moments of the journey.

The sea isn’t easy to handle at all and we can’t control it, but we all love the ocean because it’s carrying us and gives us the chance of travelling the world so peacefully. I’m so thankful that I’ve got the chance to experience things like that. Memories that makes me smile, let me laugh and feel safe and secure where I am. The Thor Heyerdahl, the ocean and the project together gave me the chance to live moments that last forever and live a life I’ll never forget.