Walking. Something we do every day; something that happens that you don’t really have to think about; something that is just completely normal.


For me walking is just a way to get from a point A to a point B. Or at least it was. Because in the last 5 days I learned that walking is way more.

Why? Because we had to walk; a lot. Up and down and all the time one foot in front of the other. Always walking.

In a way we were also only walking to get from point A to point B but I think we actually walked for the walking. For the feeling to have achieved something. Something that, in the world we live in today, is so easy; to travel, to overcome a distance in short time. To have achieved to walk that distance, without a car, without a plane just with your feet that seems so obvious. Because you can feel every step you make and every tiny piece of the long way you get to end up where you want to be. You get to know everything that lies in-between of point A and point B and you also get to know yourself. Because after a long day of only walking and looking and experiencing, you realize how much you can do just because you want it.

Because after a while walking, so natural as it seems; after the third hill and still no end in sight, you start to hate walking or at least you want to stop. And if then another hill shows up out of nothing and you really don’t want to walk anymore, you reach a border. One that is only built and held up by yourself. And if you overcome that, if you reach the top of that f**ing hill, you broke that wall in thousand pieces. And you can feel it.

A flow of pride and joy is coming over you and suddenly walking is the best thing ever.

It is more than reaching a point somewhere in this world. It is spending time with something so easy that teaches you to appreciate everything you see and everything that seems so small. It forces you to spend time with yourself.

That is what I learned about walking on our 5-day hiking trip on Cabo Verde.

Walking. Something I knew all my life that I learned to love.