We are already on the 4th Part of our journey and already heading home. Since Day one many things and also ourselves changed:

I remember our first day like it was yesterday. I was so happy that we started. Back then I felt a happiness that’s still there every time I wake up. But there is much that’s gone over the journey. For example, my knowledge about sailing was basically non-existent. But with every day I learned more and more and I’m still learning in every moment I am a part of our little group. While the watch, the cleaning or while cooking I am improving my knowledge every day. I remember when we heard that in the later parts we will be two students in the watch. Back then we were eight people, but nowadays it’s the most normal thing to have two or three students per watch and it is working perfectly. That’s so because every little thing that was an impossible work for us a few months ago, today is made in a short time.

Also, the cooking has found a little routine. I believe that I won’t become a chef cook, but I was able to improve my skills of preparing food. And not only that when you have to organize the cooking, the cleaning and giving everybody a task, you learn how to deal with a little more stress.

Besides all the everyday stuff we have to learn for school and our life after this half year. When there is one thing that I found out while school on board, then that it is easier and way more interesting if you can see the topics on your paper and right in front of you. School here is actual fun.

But what would this whole project be without the people? Our group and each one individually made a big change in the last few months, we got to know each other and now we became very close friends, close to a family.

But there are not just changes. Some things stayed. We’re all happy and grateful to be part of this crew and to play a role in this journey. Our motivation if it changed in any form just grows and even the little things feel like a gift for us.

So, I believe that although we are constantly changing and our group and knowledge becomes better each day one thing will stay: We’ll always be part of this crew and we’re happy to be on this ship.