(Back) to the Azores

I can´t really believe that we´re on board of the „Thor Heyerdahl“ for more than four months now. To me those four months seem to be incredible short and, somehow, at the same time as if we would be here for so long. Only one third of our journey is left, or should I better say still one third? On one hand 60 days are a really long time, but compared to the 130 days we are away from our homes, it isn’t that much.

This brings me to the question if our second cross of the Atlantic is already a part of our way back. Is it a „back“ to the Azores or are these islands just another destination of our journey? Geographically seen it is the first time we´re getting closer to Germany instead of sailing to the opposite direction, which would mean per definition that it is a travel back. You can also feel a small difference in the temperature – it is getting colder every day. As we´re used to the Caribbean climate (we spent there about three weeks), we recognize this difference even more. So, logically seen it IS the first part of our way back.

But for me it isn’t. The most time of „classroom under sail“ is over now, but there is still so much to learn, so much experiences to make. We will spend time on the Azores, will climb the Pico for example. Also, we still need about three weeks until we reach them. In the weeks until our arrival will happen so much. We will make lots and lots of new experiences – so much more than we already made. There will be the second take-over of the ship, the first one was at the end of our first cross of the Atlantic. But this time without electronical navigation systems like our GPS system. Instead, we have to navigate astronomically. We have to find our goal, the Azores, only by calculating our position with the help of the stars. Quite difficult, but therefore Johannes, our captain at the moment, teaches this way of navigation to us. This is an experience we would never make at home.

We will also get to know each other better than we already do. In those 30 days at sea, partially on the cold, northern part of the Atlantic, we´ll probably spend a lot time together playing games or making music. Already at this moment, our group is like a second family to me. It seems to be unthinkable not to see them 24/7 after our journey.

But this is still two months apart. Two months, in which we will get to know new (and old) ways of navigation, new parts of the Atlantic and much more. For me, it isn´t traveling back. It is just a part of our unbelievable interesting journey with different and new destinations.