The last chapter: Leaving

I have been on this ship for six a half months now. I have seen the world as a 15 year old. I have lived here with people who I didn’t know half a year ago. Now I know them as a big family, as a big circle of friends. And now it is on its way to end. We have started this journey as inexperienced young teenagers who wanted to leave their normal world behind and wanted to see what’s outside their door and more along down the street. We went on an adventure that no Hobbit would ever want to experience. But we wanted to, we wanted to change the way we are living. And this was the beginning of a big and important period in my and our lives.

But everything has to end one day, and that’s what is going to happen. We are heading home now. We are heading home to the ones we love, to the ones we left behind. This makes me feel in a way which I can’t understand right now. Sometimes I’m listening when I hear people talk about heading home. They are talking about the fact that there are just two weeks left, but no one of us wants this time to end. At the moment, I can’t really imagine what it is going to be like when we are reaching Kiel, how it is going to feel when I’m falling into my parents arms. Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing my family, my friends and my dog, but the moment I’m seeing them again for the first time is also going to be the moment the journey is ending. When I meet my friends again, I’m going to leave my friends. When I see my family again, I’m going to leave my family.

In these two weeks which are left, I want to make the best of being able to experience this group in this special lifestyle one last time. Remembering all the first times, all my fails, all the beautiful and fantastic memories. The first jibe in front of Tenerife and setting my first sail, which I can’t remember because so much has happened. Remembering all the experiences which we have been able to experience. All the memories, which are going to last forever in our brains.

I’m going to leave my little universe, this little bubble in which I have been floating for half a year. Now, I’m going to be released back into this world of hard realities. Going back to school and going back to my everyday life, in which I’m going to land when my bubble bursts open. There have been moments when I asked myself what I’m going to write in my diary when I’m back home. But this is a completely wrong question, because my life goes on and on and on and there’s always something that happens, even if I’m not here aboard the Thor, even if I’m leaving this little world which has become my home, and which is the home of so many people.