A dream of land

It was the 21th of January 1 pm 7 minutes and 24 seconds, that I saw a dream of land for the first time.

Out of the turquoise deepness emerged a shadow. A mere reflection, an escaped thought, even lighter than the clouds around. A distinct point on the horizon which had been limitless for 21.156 minutes.

As the concept of land began to build its cold prison around our shapeshifting freedom, my thoughts, warm wind on my mind, took me back to the time, when the only limit to our vision, was our imagination. These hours, standing on the cold steel, feeling the pulsing movement of the waves underneath, the calm shining of the stars above and living the vast nothingness upfront, the word life flowed into another meaning. Everyday the sun went up, transforming the water into fire, every day the sun went down melting the sky into pierced darkness. We lost the time in this nothingness floating between the worlds. Seconds bended into infinity, stretching the moment into beautiful traced paintings, days disappeared between the dreams of flickering eyes. We were living out of this world.

But the world always comes back. The shadow became darker and heavier. Millions of tons of stone escaped from my mind, anchoring themselves into reality. As gigantic cloud castle rose up in volcano-orange beauty and the sun lived its last moments on our side, the mass of land broke the horizon catching the thin line between its presence, leaving the realm of the ignorable. With every fleeing moment the land grew. Hills emerged from the sea, valleys gave back a piece of sky and mountains elevated themselves up, into heaven.

We were all standing on deck, searching for answers. We were searching for the truth, for the real fabric of this land, on which we will soon walk. But alas the sun plunged into the black sea, painting the whole world in darkness, drowning our dream to kill our chimere. The big question mark upfront became the canvas on which we poured all our dreams. The darkness became the placeholder for a land of unknown, a land of hope, a land of wonders.

Behind the darkness we saw a sea, a crystallin blue and clear sea. We saw a sandy beach and 10 meters behind a green cathedral vibrating full of life. We heard the sound of people speaking with an unknown accent, the scent of exotic food and we felt the warm sun on our bare skin. In our heads we were already there, hiking between the trees of the tropical forest, building a house using only our hands and our determination, jumping without any regret into the Azur sea.

Of course, this vision did not become reality. It stayed what it was: a dream. A placeholder filling the void upfront. Answering, for ourselves this question, which the darkness had asked. It’s in our nature to dream. We always have and we always will. It’s what makes us human. And this project has taught me, that you should always believe in your dreams, because even if they will never really become reality, they are the only thing with the power to change the world.

Thinking this I was standing, watching the shadows, when out of the darkness a light came to life. Then another one and another, until the sky as well as the island were made out of nothing but thousands of little shining points.

The thing that is good about dreams is that it always comes better. Always.